Whatcom Manufacturing is located in the Pacific Northwest in Whatcom County, Washington.  Their products are manufactured in Lynden, Washington and provide full service to the farmers and growers of the community.  They offer an extensive lineup of equipment to suit your needs.


Bioret Agri was founded in 1993 by a dairyman, Alain Bioret. He was a pioneer in the innovation of animal comfort.

Since that day, the comfort of the dairy cow and the dairyman became our priority in the creation of product, research, and development.

Our expertise lies in:

  • French-made standard size mattresses or made-to-measure products

  • Comfortable rubber for alley floorings

  • Analysis and installation of solutions for better dairy comfort

  • Warranty based on our experience, the strongest in Europe

  • Engineering process of specific rubber conception for pre-defined applications

  • Permanent process of innovation.

In the world where production and cost efficiency must be combined with well-being, Bioret Agri puts its know-how to work. More than 1 200 000 cows sleep and walk in comfort and total security thanks to the products developed within our walls.

 American Coolair Corporation, now a leading manufacturer of ventilation products. What began as our small factory operation would, within the next few decades, flourish with the help of manufacturers’ representatives and salesmen. Sales and markets for American Coolair fan systems increased rapidly.

In the 70’s, American Coolair’s product lines became more extensive, and the markets in which we competed broadened to include agricultural and horticultural. Today, American Coolair supplies ventilation products in commercial, industrial, agricultural and horticultural markets throughout the world. 

Today’s Coolair products are fabricated in a 210,000 sq. ft. manufacturing complex by employees who value economy and efficiency. Each ventilation system and accessory is crafted with quality materials for durable wear and low maintenance.

The DeMuth Name - When you buy a product with our name on it you can be assured of getting a lot!

The original DeMuth Steel Products Company was established by Mr. Lester DeMuth in 1917 and incorporated by his son, Mr. Harry DeMuth in 1947. In 2006, DeMuth was purchased by the Vallieres' family of farm-related businesses, located in Quebec, Canada. The "marriage" of these two companies enhances the reputation for quality and service that DeMuth has come to represent for over 90 years.


Dairypower Equipment is a leading Irish designer and manufacturer of high-quality agricultural slurry handling equipment.
Specialising in the best slurry management solutions for cattle, pigs and poultry, Dairypower exports their systems to over 30 countries Worldwide.
We are passionate about what we do, continuously looking at ways to improve and develop our products and are committed to helping the future of today’s farmer.


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